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New Info: 2023/2024 Annual Residential Permits

The City of Eugene is not offering Homeowner 2 Year Permits at this time. Please look for the 1 Year Annual Residential Permit which will run from 9/01/2023-8/31/2024. For Zones A, E, F, G, and J proof of homeownership is no longer required if proof of residency is submitted. To qualify for an Annual Residential Permit in Zones B, C, and H the applicant must submit proof of homeownership or sufficient documentation to demonstrate that they have occupied the residence for 4 or more years. Otherwise, they will need to apply for a Renters’ Quarterly Permit. All Residential Permits have a set expiration date and are not eligible for renewal. Every application must include all required documentation. Please visit for a list of requirements.

TIP: Setting Up Automatic Payments

If you would like to set up automatic payments or change your credit card information, please wait until you receive the next invoice then during checkout, after entering your payment information, click the check box in the bottom right corner labeled "add card to my wallet" before proceeding with checkout.

If you choose not to have automatic payments, you will need to enter your credit card information each time you pay your balance.